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Importance of HRMS - All you need to know

Web Development   24-08-2022

HR’s remit has expanded further in the modern era. In order to ensure employees’ well-being at work in light of growing employee numbers and a cutthroat business environment, HR must concentrate on additional tasks. Due to this, businesses now have to implement a solid, automated, and integrated system that unifies all human resources-related operations and offers unified services to all customers. An HRMS, to put it another way.

In recent years, the importance of HRMS has grown dramatically as a result of technological advancement and business innovation.

HRMS: What is it?

An HR Management System (HRMS) created to make your daily HR work easier. This could involve keeping track of, editing, managing, tracking, and reporting on all employee-related information in your company. Consider it a single source of truth for managing your entire HR function, where data can be stored, changes tracked, and reports quickly generated.

How Does An HRMS Work?

Many HRMS include a core set of HR-related competencies. Usually, this consists of some sophisticated features, like:

  • Records-keeping and digital employee files
  • Self-service for staff (making changes individually)
  • Attendance and absence control
  • Keep track of the HR analytics and report-generating for employee training.

An HRMS, in other words, is made to simplify the management of your team’s processes.

A HRMS’s characteristics

As a result, you have determined that your company needs an HRM system. It’s possible that you made the decision to implement a new system or replace one that has already been installed. How to choose a reliable HRMS that satisfies the needs of the business is the main issue. Despite the complexity of the issue, you can create the foundation for making an informed decision by using our list of essential features.


No. 1: Hiring and Recruitment

The system can automatically and optimally analyse data on peer positions and pitch the appropriate salary. With simple-to-prepare templates and recruitment follow-up, the automated recruitment module of the HRMS speeds up the hiring process.

No. 2: Payroll

Payroll’s main responsibilities are to organise the printing and distribution of paychecks, calculate and pay salaries, and withhold the necessary taxes and deductions. By using its clearly defined formulae, it handles all legacy systems for compensation and benefits, including salary, allowances, and overtime rates in an organisation.

No. 3: Workflows

Using workflows, businesses can automate the majority of the routine, repetitive tasks that reduce HR management’s effectiveness. For the purpose of informing all participants, the system allows sending automated notifications. HRMS lowers the high cost of manual paper-pushing by analysing the data.

No. 4: Organization of Employee Benefits

The system enables HR professionals to create plans, set up eligibility requirements, manage employee compensation, promotions, and carry out payments or deposits made by an employer to employees on top of their wages. Additionally, it integrates compensation costs with accounting and offers self-service open enrolment.

Why would one use a HR Management System?

Reliable reporting

HR data is simpler to manage and use when it is stored in a centralised, online database that is easy to update.

Greater satisfaction of employees

Employees can manage straightforward tasks like leave requests, employee benefits administration, and training programmes thanks to the self-service feature of human resources software.

Continuity of work

A valuable tool for increasing employee engagement is a modern HR management system. Best systems serve as communication hubs.

Additional security

HR systems aid a business in maintaining employee data more securely compared to paper documents or data kept on computer hard drives. Vendors of HR software are anxious to emphasise how this lessens the possibility of data breaches.

Remote and hybrid employment

Online HR management tools guarantee that crucial HR procedures continue to be followed, no matter where employees are. They can also assist organisations with better managing, motivating, and coordinating.


It’s no longer a trend to work remotely; it has become the new norm. In order to effectively manage a remote workforce, it is imperative to have the appropriate tools and systems. The productivity of an organisation as a whole can be improved by modern HR solutions. The modern HRMS not only gets rid of the excess stuff that HR teams have to deal with, but it also streamlines and automates other tasks that are related to managing remote workers.

Achieve Your HR Software Goals

When you have made the decision that HRMS is the best option for your business, eWAY can assist you in the selection process. Call our HRMS experts for our eWAY-HRMS for guidance and recommendations, or look through our list of HR software providers to start your own independent research.

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Top 5 Van Sales Mobile App Advantages

Web Development   22-08-2022

How can businesses improve the efficiency and speed of their Van sales and delivery processes to meet sales goals? Are you looking into the greatest approach to resolving difficulties in Van Sales and Direct Store Delivery (DSD) operations?

In order to manage direct store delivery operations from any location and hit van sales goals, best-in-class businesses use the Van Sales App, which is the most popular solution. It assists you in maximising your van sales by managing van inventory, order scheduling, sales and delivery route management, invoice production, payment collection, and report generation within a single interface. This tool can help your Van Sales executives overcome various difficulties that surround their work by enabling mobility, flexibility, and accessibility.

The advantages of a van sales app are detailed below, so read on for more information.

Top 5 Van Sales App Advantages

  1. Integrated Real-Time ERP

Your app will be seamlessly integrated with the digital catalogue in your ERP thanks to real-time ERP connectivity. This makes sure that your representative has instant access to information on products, pricing that is specific to each customer, the availability of stock, order history, statements, and much more.

Not every van sales app available on the market synchronises in real time with your ERP programme; some are totally standalone dissimilar solutions. However, if you want to future-proof your organisation, you need take integration into account while selecting a solution.

  1. Expanded Productivity and Efficiency

On occasion, for employees to be more useful, they need the right equipment that enables them to do as such. With a few straightforward hints, a van sales application can make it possible. It enables the sales representative to submit new deals into your ERP quickly and in an organised manner.

 Additionally, when required, they can view information about the client's accounts, their credit limit, credit balance, request history, and more. Van sales people may close deals more quickly and enhance the client experience, which is typically overlooked as reps try to hit daily deal targets and may be under pressure.

  1. Easy Delivery

The van sales app works with the sales agent to organise deliveries smoothly and continuously monitor receipts, returns, difficulties, payments, and orders. If necessary for documentation or further processing, the sales person can read barcodes, obtain e-signatures, and upload bills.

He may also include an order for the following day. The Van Sales programme displays these updates online, allowing the inventory, manufacturing, and sales teams to plan and suggest speedy actions.

  1. Digital catalogue that is constantly updated

Your van sales representatives can use a app that integrates a digital catalogue anytime, anyplace, and it will always be up-to-date.

The catalogue may be updated instantly by office administrators in a matter of minutes, or even seconds, and your sales representatives can start using the most recent version of the product catalogue with the new modifications right away.

Your team may enhance field sales and delivery procedures with the aid of the Van sales application that eWAY makes available to you. It will give employees the information they need, wherever they may be, to keep your company running smoothly and make sure your clients are satisfied.

  1. Reduce Admin Costs and Errors

 Generally speaking, van salesmen must personally take orders from customers and return them to the company.

The time needed to complete the request is lost during this inefficient general cycle, which also delays the representative and the administrator. Additionally, there are risks involved when transferring a request because either the administrator or the representative could provide incorrect information.


With eWAY Van Sales, you can automate any sales and distribution business, whether it is FMCG or another type of business. It integrates cutting-edge technologies with ERP solutions to optimize and improve van sales activities. Using this  app, you can improve the performance and reduce the cost of the delivery process, while managing all associated activities easily.

By eliminating the need for manual labour, eWAY Van Sales application frees up your drivers to focus on their crucial jobs without interruption or delay, providing speedy customer service as well as managing cash deposits and retrieving delivery data. It is simple to access customer and order information, enabling your drivers to provide dependable, high-caliber service.

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Your Business Needs A POS Software: Here’s Why!

Web Development   25-06-2022

The operating system that lets businesses manage shop operations, inventory, personnel, and customers is known as point-of-sale (POS) software.

You'll need a POS Software Solution if you want to start selling in person. POS software is what you'll use to manage store operations, ring up customers, receive payments, and track store sales, whether you want to sell at events, plan your first pop-up shop, or are ready to build your first permanent site.

There are several solutions available when it comes to POS software. Continue reading to find out everything you need to know about POS software and how to pick the best one for your company.


What does a point-of-sale system do?

 It usually goes like this:

1. A customer decides to purchase your product or service. They may ask a sales representative to ring them up if you have a real store. A bar code scanner might be used by that associate to look up the item's price. Some POS systems, such as eWAY's POS software, also allow you to visually scan things with your device's camera. When a consumer has finished adding items to their cart and clicks the checkout button on an online store, this process occurs.

2. The price of the item is calculated by your POS system, including any sales tax. The system then adjusts the inventory count to reflect the fact that the item has been sold.

3. Your customer is responsible for payment. To complete their transaction, your customer will need to pay using their credit card, tap card, debit card, loyalty points, gift card, or cash. Your customer's bank must then authorize the transaction, depending on the type of payment they pick.

4. The transaction at the point of sale is completed. This is the point at which you make a formal sale. The payment is processed, a digital or printed receipt is generated, and you ship or hand the things to your customer.


Why should you use a point-of-sale system?

Some of the most common explanations are listed below:

A point-of-sale system can help your business grow. It allows you to have more control over your company's activities. You can see exactly which things you've sold on a daily or monthly basis, how many items are in the warehouse, and how much money you've made with the correct POS system.

It allows for more analytical planning and thinking. A POS Software makes it easier to maintain track of inventory, identify and analyze movements and patterns in sales operations, and evaluate sales reports and other data so you may better predict future trends and your company's needs.

What to look for in a POS system?

It improves the efficiency of personal client communication. A POS system can make it simple to collect clients' contact information while they are making a purchase. This data aids in the creation of personalized offers and the development of personal client information.

If you're considering upgrading your current POS system, there are a few things to consider. Some of the most frequent software features to search for are as follows:


  • Processing of payments. The first and most obvious requirement is that your POS system can process payments.
  • Inventory control. This tool allows you to keep track of all of your products in one place.
  • Receipts. Receipts speed up refund processing since they provide a paper or digital trace of the purchase.
  • Reports from the point of sale. This function allows you to see how much you're selling and making at a glance. You can make smarter business decisions and sell more with clear reports.

Now that you've learned more about POS systems, you're ready to pick the best one for your company.


The Best Retail, Ecommerce, And Inventory Management POS System

If you own a retail store, you'll need a retail POS system that can link to a bar code scanner and a receipt printer, as well as inventory management. All of this and more is possible with our custom retail point of sale.

We also provide simple email marketing software with excellent templates and example copy for informing your customers about bargains and special offers.

Do you want to sell something on the internet? Payment security, risk management, and cross-product integration are all included in eWAY's eCommerce capabilities. Customers can save their payment information for future transactions, and an integrated POS Software Developer creates software that keeps your online and in-store orders, items, and inventory in sync.


Parting Words

The point-of-sale system you select can have a significant impact on how you conduct your business daily and how it grows year after year.  As a result, take your time researching and remember that the best way to get started is to examine and articulate your company's objectives and goals.

eWAY provides organizations with integrated ERP, CRM and many more solutions that enable them to run more efficiently and make strategic decisions that keep them productive and profitable. At eWAY, we turn our clients' ideas into solutions that are built to withstand the harshest conditions. Our mission and vision motivate us to seize the chance and accept the responsibility of making a real difference.

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How Can a Web Development Company Assist Your Business?

Web Development   12-05-2022

It's hard to picture a modern firm that doesn't have a website and/or a mobile app. From hospitality and retail to manufacturing and education, every domain is brimming with enterprises vying for attention by developing extremely engaging websites and apps.

Having your business website and mobile app is a no-brainer these days, given the vast scope and vision that websites and applications provide. Creating one solely to have one is insufficient. If you're thinking about creating or redesigning your website, you should prioritise quality.


Now comes the question of who creates these websites and applications.

Many business owners would be surprised to learn that they have attempted to construct and design their own websites. Individuals can now experiment with this technique directly thanks to the introduction of many DIY platforms. However, in the vast majority of situations, the end outcome has fallen far short of expectations.

The majority of firms outsource their web development to companies that specialise in this area. Web development companies typically employ a team of managers, coders, software engineers, web designers and developers, and marketing specialists who collaborate closely with customers to bring website and mobile app concepts to life.


What Exactly Does A Web Development Firm Do?

Ideating, building, maintaining, and designing websites and applications are all part of the job description of Web development companies. Let’s have a look at it again:

  • Graphics That Appeal To You And Other Extras

Visual images and other features are integrated into these portals by web developers. Entrepreneurs frequently use the same design for their websites, brochures, and other promotional materials. As a result, web developers will need to provide thorough guidance.

  • Services for developing mobile applications

Business owners have realised the importance of adopting a mobile-first strategy. Studies and trends have shown that audiences spend the majority of their time on their smartphones. Apps, like webpages, are designed primarily for use on mobile devices and a Web Application Development Company can assist you.  

  • Services for website development

Web development businesses can create a website that is tailored to a company's specific preferences and demands. Unlike websites constructed in the previous ten years, today's websites are built using a mobile-first approach. This entails creating a website for small (handheld) devices and then converting it for use on a laptop or PC.

The Benefits of Hiring Top Web Development Companies

  • It saves you time.

Even if you have a quick idea, you probably don't have enough to design a solid or optimise the website, according to a big number of Website development services and App Development Companies. This means you'll have to put in more time and effort to figure it out, making the game more time demanding and potentially resulting in a less trustworthy website.

  • The website will have a higher degree of trustworthiness.

It's critical to recognise that a fantastic website is better for company platforms, so you'll have to put in a lot of time and money to find the ideal Full stack development services and development team. Web development team will immediately design an amazing website that you won't have to worry about halting or crashing.

  • You get incredible designs.

This is one of the most reliable guarantees of the best web development firm, because employing standard templates or formats may only result in monotonous websites that look the same as everyone else's. All business platforms want their clients to be enthralled and enraged by their material, and only web development businesses can provide it.

Bringing everything together

It may take more time and effort to search for these unique features in a Web Application Development Company before you find the ideal one. Finding an experienced and dependable service partner, on the other hand, will assist you in meeting your business needs and allowing your company to expand.

Take a look at their portfolios and references, and use the information to make the best recruiting decisions possible. Treat them fairly when it comes to money, terms, and contracts.

Eway Solutions has made a market presence in developing innovative web design solutions for small to large companies across the globe.  

Our team of innovative designers, communicative content writers with amazing young and trendy supporters forms the right skillset for designing a creative website with user-friendly, attractive content integrated with lead generation strategies and the latest functionalities that assist in enabling an organization to achieve the business objectives.

To learn more about the list of our solutions please visit: 

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