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5 Must Have Features of an Inventory Management System

Technology   09-08-2022

Effective inventory control is no simple task, as you are well aware. This is particularly true if the management of the associated tasks in your company is done manually. The administration of your company's supply chain procedures also heavily relies on inventory control. However, the needs of every business vary. In order to select a product that fits your needs, you must be sure to establish the requirements for your inventory management system.

It's a good thing that there are options for managing your inventory more effectively so you can save time and money. Software for managing inventories gives firms a number of options to manage their inventory procedures.

Let's look at the specifics of the inventory management system before we go over a list of 5 of the most common requirements.

Tags and Barcodes

Because manual data accumulations frequently result in human error, the barcoding module aids in removing this problem. As opposed to manual data entry, scanning barcodes offers quick and dependable solutions. The time needed for employee training is also decreased by the barcode system, as it just takes a short while to learn. To train a worker on how to record product details, the conventional method called for a lot of work and labour.

Barcoding enhances inventory management and accurately tracks factors like pricing and product information.

Analytics and Reporting

Use IM analytics to analyse patterns in your processes and project future demand and sales to grow your business. Utilizing demand forecasting can help cut back on carrying costs and safety stock. When you have excellent insights into how much you'll truly need, keeping inventory around only for safety's sake is no longer necessary.

Many systems provide simple-to-use dashboards to help you visualise your data.

  • Report Integration
  • Customized Reports
  • Drill-Down

Backup and inventory security

For any business sector, proper inventory backup and security are crucial. It safeguards your company's inventory against loss of any information or merchandise due to theft or other causes.

Essential elements in the programme guard against theft and keep organisations safe. Data that business operators can view and utilise can be backed up in case inventory software is compromised. So any loss is avoided by backing up and safeguarding the merchandise.

Inventories' forecasts

When business supplies run out, it may be a very uncomfortable scenario. You may monitor which products run out of stock and which are widely available in the company's inventory by using an inventory management system. This is a particularly advantageous method for preserving a positive user experience and judicious resource use. Therefore, business owners make wise and informed decisions when buying their goods.

By reducing stock out risks and assisting managers in satisfying customer expectations, this element of the inventory management system is beneficial.

Useful and reachable on every device

One of the features of inventory management software is the mobile access to corporate data. It's unlikely that you'll simply use your work computer to access your inventory management software. If you need to access the software when travelling or at home, you should be able to do so without any problems. As long as your device is online and connected to the Internet, eWAY enables you to access any inventory-related data.

You can access the business reports using a web browser on your tablet or smartphone.

eWAY: Software for SMEs to manage their inventory

Every essential aspect and feature of inventory management is offered by eWAY. Inventory management for SMEs is one of the greatest business management software solutions offered by this company. Businesses with numerous storage facilities and a variety of product lines would likewise benefit greatly from it. For effective stock management, eWAY enables units of measurement that are flexible. In addition, it includes functions for job work that offer information on the status of both jobs and materials. The software solution provides automation in the preparation of re-order status reports that contain data on the required quantity orders.


You can not only boost efficiency with the capabilities of inventory management software, but you can also significantly reduce costs. Saving money has a favourable effect on the bottom line.

With the use of inventory management software, you can view all transactions on a single screen, which simplifies understanding. In addition to creating and maintaining a list of consumables and replacement parts, you can check the stock levels across all locations from a single view point. Software for asset or inventory management has the potential to advance your company to new heights.

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Why are VAN Sales Software’s in Demand?

Technology   04-08-2022

Various B2B organisations have switched from traditional sales systems to VAN sales software. The initial goals of the all-inclusive sales software were streamlining sales processes and accelerating lead conversion. With this comprehensive sales system, you can quickly increase the productivity of your sales staff while selling more quickly, intelligently, and efficiently. An effective sales application is crucial for operating your business since it can automate numerous operational procedures and increase their accuracy and efficiency.

If you own a B2B or B2C business and have never heard of VAN sales software, you've come to the correct place.

VAN Sales: What is it?

The delivery and distribution points are the same thanks to VAN Sales' direct access to the final consumer. Distribution and delivery of items to the Point of Sale are both parts of the VAN Sales process. The use of software speeds up billing and other business processes in VAN sales. As a result, the accounting and sales cycles will be more effective, increasing the sales organization's revenue.

The Ultimate Solution: eWAY’s VAN Sales Solution

eWAY VAN Sales retail solution's dependability is combined with the reach and strength of a stylish Android-based ordering and inventory management mobile app to create the cutting-edge salesforce automation software and ordering solution known as Smart VAN Sales. Based on the customer path and the customers' prior sales history, the solution ensures the effective loading of the VAN from the warehouse.

Your VAN salesperson will be equipped and empowered to collect accurate orders at the client site using the mobile solution, preventing delayed, erroneous, missed orders, and duplicate inputs. This results in increased upselling and cross-selling opportunities, improving client happiness and business possibilities.

On the other hand, by designing and monitoring the route map, exact delivery times, real-time order taking, and more effective financial visibility and control using this straightforward yet effective interface, the Management will have better visibility and control over operations.

How can we assist?

Our VAN sales application decongests business requirements to fulfil your field sales and invoice creation needs. The sales team uses a mobile application created specifically for the VAN Sales scenario to create real-time invoices that are printed on a Bluetooth printer attached to the mobile device.

  • Boost delivery effectiveness
  • Accelerate the cash receipts and invoicing processes
  • bolster demand management and forecasting
  • Plan sales route more effectively.
  • Utilize real-time data to gain deeper insights.
  • replenish stocks more quickly
  • simplify the distribution procedure
  • Simplify Order administration and progress monitoring


Who can we assist?

Companies with a dedicated sales team

A VAN Sales is essential to managing your connections and customer relations if you have a sales crew. By utilising client data, highlighting significant trends and areas for strategy improvement, and automating repetitive work for your sales personnel, VAN Sales can even assist you with improving and expanding your sales operations.

Companies with marketing departments

VANs marketing and sales work together seamlessly. Your marketing team may use VAN Sales data to watch customer-salesperson interactions, find, capture, nurture, and convert leads, as well as monitor drip campaigns throughout the sales cycle. A more seamless and consistent consumer experience may result from all of this.

Companies aiming to become more efficient

The programme may considerably speed up daily chores and processes for your entire team because VAN Sales automates operations like contact organisation and communication. A VAN sales software can also minimise mistakes and guarantee that all communications are sent to the appropriate recipients at the appropriate times.


Any business' prosperity depends on VAN sales. Work is made simpler by VAN sales software. It offers thorough client information so you can tailor your interactions with them. You must use the proper VAN Sales software to make the most of your investment.

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Technology   28-07-2022

You can find yourself rapidly overwhelmed if you're looking for a new point of sale (POS) system today. Online, you have a huge selection of options that offer different benefits. What do I actually need? may cross your mind as a result. What extras can I do to advance?

Allow us to assist you and guide you through the features your new POS should have.

Let's start by assuming that these days you're not just searching for a simple old cashbox, even if you're the owner of the doughnut stand from the by-lane. An inventory control system and the assistance of a POS Software Solutions are what you're looking for.

Your point-of-sale system needs to be a component of a larger package that aids in the overall management and expansion of your corporation in the modern globe.

As a result, we'll go through both the features you absolutely must have and some that you might not think you'll ever use but could still be incredibly useful. Let's start now!


The management of costs and inventories

Businesses now must come up with innovative ways to boost production, cut expenses, and provide customers with the freedom to purchase however they want. Organizations must adopt and integrate the greatest technological solutions into their processes to achieve these three goals. To track stock levels and organise them so that earnings are maximised, inventory management is crucial in the retail sector.

As our planet adjusts to a more digitised reality, retail businesses must adapt and make use of such solutions to survive. This is where a POS Software Developer comes in and curates software solely to cater to your needs.


Permit its users to collect money from customers.

However, it is fascinating to understand the types of payments it can accept in contrast to the variety of payment methods preferred by your consumers. Cash? Reward points? Gift card? sometimes dealing in foreign money You might also use Google or Apple Pay.

Your POS system should determine the sale amount and applicable taxes when transactions are done. Although cash is still widely used, it is becoming less and less so in the digital era, therefore you must make sure that your POS Software can accommodate a variety of payment methods, especially credit card processing (opens in new tab).


POS training and customer service

It can cost your company money whenever a POS malfunctions. If you want to reduce downtime, think about buying a system that includes training and customer assistance as standard features.

If you spend more, you'll get immediate support around the clock, which may be worth the extra cost. More affordable POS systems let you leave a message and wait for a response from a vendor representative.


Managing Personnel

Employee tracking is also possible with your PoS system. A POS Software Solution can assist you in automating a substantial portion of your staff management even when multiple workers are working in the same place or store.

Your employees can easily mark the beginning and end of their shifts thanks to user accounts, which also allow them to log in and out. Additionally, it guarantees proper planning and avoids the scheduling errors and overlaps that are typically made when scheduling is done manually.


Customer-facing Signage

A customer-facing display allows customers to watch the transaction take place while they are being rung on a screen that is facing them (typically a secondary screen). Customers can easily point out errors in the order before it is placed because of customer-facing displays, which provide a high level of transparency into the transaction.

If it turns out that this feature is out of your price range, it is surely not necessary, but if you do have the money, it should be taken into consideration.


Retailers should understand how crucial it is to put a POS system in place to improve their business' productivity, profitability, and ability to respond to new problems. To increase profit, productivity, and customer satisfaction in the current uncertain climate, a retailer must concentrate on cost control and optimization.

To keep your retail business operating smoothly and on a single system of record, eWAY's POS provides all of these capabilities in addition to others. For handling inventory, taking payments, providing seamless web integration, and other uses, it is trusted by thousands of retailers.

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Technology   21-07-2022

In the past, businesses relied solely on their sales department to communicate with customers. To identify the customers, qualify and promote their products or just respond to consumers' questions, businesses had to wade through multiple records to track their progress. But now, circumstances have shifted. Businesses can now finally breathe easy thanks to the development of automated technologies, particularly in customer relationship management (CRM) solutions.


Why do companies pick a CRM system?

The world's largest software market, CRM, has established itself as the best technology asset available to businesses. CRM systems help implementors cover every stage of their business cycle with an increase in sales & marketing returns, all while helping them reduce their costs, thanks to the prominence that the cloud CRM software market has been gaining over the years and the ease with which CRMs can integrate with other applications that businesses typically use.


Advantages of a CRM System

The following advantages have been experienced by businesses that have used CRM systems:


  • Customer satisfaction is "guaranteed."

Various corporate processes can be automated to speed up the delivery of goods and services. Additionally, errors are greatly decreased because computerised business transactions are used. Your staff can quite swiftly respond to client questions if they have a history of interactions with them.

  • Reduced expenses.

 CRM systems have demonstrated a significant reduction in operational costs through decreased errors and improved communication with clients, suppliers, and vendors. CRM Software developers can help you effectively manage growing businesses' marketing, sales, and support.

  • Selling is difficult.

All businesses eventually need to expand into new markets or roll out new goods. However, you might need to invest in an integrated CRM solution if you are having trouble keeping up with the business you are currently producing. Your sales staff may concentrate on the opportunities that are most likely to close and deliver correct answers to clients by using a CRM to organise, analyse, and prioritise your sales leads.

  • Building customer profiles is challenging.

When it comes time to create your ideal customer profile, you will only be able to guess if you are unable to locate all of your client data points. Additionally, you won't be able to see what your sales team is doing.

What distinguishes eWAY from the competition?

  • Customization

Our software is the greatest and can meet your company's specific demands because no two firms are alike. Other CRM Software developers let you pick the features you want to include in your package, and some also let you modify the most fundamental functionality, like the ability to add contact fields, pick the data that appears on your dashboard, and design unique reports. Additionally, you can install plugins, extensions, and other add-ons to your software to increase its functionality.

  • Process automation

Our CRM software can streamline your operations and improve your quality of life. To increase productivity for you and your team, our software includes sales force automation and the ability to set up custom rules.

  • Lead management

Track, score, and move leads through the sales pipeline to manage the process of turning prospects into possible clients (leads). The key here is to make sure that the lead management process in your preferred CRM tool flows and transitions in a way that makes sense for your business and your team. This is similar to the contact management feature.

  • Interactivity Monitoring

Add notes and track interaction history to keep track of talks with specific contacts. When comparing the selected solutions, take into account how many times a prospect will exchange hands as they move through your sales funnel. Choose CRM Software Solution from eWAY that makes it possible for all necessary parties to collaborate.



All types of businesses need customer relationship management (CRM) solutions. After all, CRM enables you to develop a close relationship with your customers and prospects, gain a thorough understanding of them, and offer them exceptional service. CRM also gives you the knowledge you need to make data-driven decisions, as well as the tools you need to optimise forecasting jobs, and a tonne of workflow automation for sales, marketing, and customer support, among other things.

eWay CRM solution ultimately assists your company in maximising customer happiness and lifetime value, increasing revenue, and quickly resolving customer issues.

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