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Robust Warehouse Management System for Growing Business

While a basic warehouse management software only manages the stock location and stock level of the goods in a warehouse, Netway’s advanced warehouse management system software understands the dynamism required in a warehouse solution.

Our WMS software assists you in centralizing the crucial tasks. Furthermore, you can also automate purchase management while routing and tracking the shipments.

Key Features of WMS!

Convenient Handheld Devices

Gain actionable insight into your warehouse operations with easily manageable handheld devices to further improve inventory accuracy, reduce waste, and boost labour efficiency.

Location-Allocation Across Multiple Warehouses

Enable cautious and quick handling of inventory across multiple warehouses and fulfillment centers to save on product distribution costs.

Smooth Inbound Operations

Perform an array of inbound operations, including scanning an SKU, shelf-wise cycle count management, purchase process management, and more.

Effortless Outbound Operations

Execute smooth and efficient AI-based outbound QC along with manifest management, shipping labels, and invoice creation from a unified platform.

Accurate Barcode Scanning

Capture accurate and intricate details of inventory on the item, SKU, and batch level with the advanced and superior barcoding system.

FIFO/FEFO Based Picking and Batching

Mitigate stock losses and say goodbye to bad inventory across warehouses with systematic batching and stock rotation methods, such as FIFO and FEFO.

Error-Free Cycle Count

Accurately analyze the physically recorded data, map inventories correctly while avoiding downtime for faster processes with an efficient inventory cycle counting feature.

Organized Bundle Management

Enhance your product portfolio across multiple sales channels by selling your products in combo packs with a systematized bundle management.

Robust Returns Management

Solve the biggest pain points in online retail with a robust and future-ready returns feature that assures 100% product traceability.

Benefits Warehouse Inventory Management Software

Accessibility For Staff

We need people that are efficient and quick. This also means we must equip them with apps and software that are as quick and efficient as them.

Track Your Inventory From Anywhere

You do not need an information technology or sales employee to handle an app alone. The entire team can add in their inputs.

Seamless Warehouse Management

When your entire team works on a single app, you will have transparency in your company. You will be able to access all information from multiple points.

Get Real-Time Inventory Updates

It would be best if you had a robust team you could rely on to ensure that work is done efficiently.

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