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Our inventory management system for small businesses is created to cater to all business owners in India. You can customise the app features to meet your specific business requirements.

The app will help you manage your warehouse space and track down the inventory items in the best way. You can access your inventory details from anywhere using our inventory management tools.

Sell out before your stock expire!

Most retail businesses deal with hundreds of inventory items and suffer from the expiration of stock items due to a lack of sales of particular items. You can save all the money you can potentially lose on expired items by using professional inventory management for small businesses.

Our app lets you track down every single item in your store, so you can create discounts and offers on items that can potentially expire in a few months. It will help you clean up old stock and ensure less wastage.


Reasons That Make Inventory Management necessary

Track inventory

Our inventory management tools help track the available quantity of each item to ensure that every item is ready to sell. It will help you find missing items faster and track a possible theft in your store.

Analyse sales data

Our inventory management tools for small businesses help you know which items sell more, and you can give them better positions in shelf space. You can use the data to avoid purchasing items with low or no customer demand.

Speed up billing

Our inventory management software helps you to speed up the billing process. You can use our inventory management app for small businesses to feed an item into the bill by entering its name or by using a barcode scanner.

Secure supply dynamics

It allows you to set up alerts for low stock levels for specific items that reflect actual demand in your store. You can send a new order for the required items with your supplier using this information to avoid running out of supplies forever.

Data security

We help you keep all the data safe and secure using our encryption system. You can set up an automatic backup of your daily data in Google Drive to have a backup in place. Further, we allow you to make local backup to have an extra space to store your sales information.

Operate online and offline

To maximise the utility of our inventory management tools for small businesses in rural areas, we provide you with a way to manage your inventory in both online and offline modes. You can create bills for your customers without requiring an active internet connection.

Advantages of using our inventory management tool over competitors!

With so many inventory management tools available for small businesses in India, why should one choose ours? Here are some logical reasons for the same.

No training needed

You need not provide any training to your employees to use our inventory management tools for small businesses. Any employee who knows how to use an Android smartphone or Windows laptop can use our software.

Easy to use UI

We provide you with one of the finest user experiences with a smooth interface. Our inventory management for small businesses is developed keeping in mind the requirements of small and medium business owners who don’t want to complicate their inventory management system.

Cost-effective features

Using our app, you can get the benefits of using the app at first and then decide on a cost-effective yearly plan if you like the app. We provide the basic version of our Android software free and give you a free one month on our desktop app.

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