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Graphical Dashboards allow executives to have one, seamless view of all critical business information. eWAY Business intelligience dashboard also integrates tightly with Microsoft Excel, further massaging data to your specific needs.

eWAY Business Intelligence Software developer in India provides intuitive, role-based business performance dashboards that ensure users get a better grip on their business and improve bottom lines by focusing on profitable activities.

eWAY Innovations Expertise

In combination with Microsoft SQL Server, Dynamics, Office, Big Data analytics, and Azure Data Lake, eWAY has helped its customers, deliver Business Intelligence solutions across their entire organization.

Leveraging the strengths of cutting-edge visualizations, and familiar Office and SharePoint experiences, eWAY has introduced a new user-friendly business intelligence applications interface which helps business users gain access to a rich set of platform capabilities, including ad hoc reporting and self-service analytics.


Our Deployment Models

Deploy on Premise

One of the unique features of our dashboards is to support OnPremise Deployment Model. Companies that have extra sensitive information, such as government and banking industries can enjoy the OnPremise features of our dashboards.

Deploy on Cloud

You can now host our dashboards reports on the cloud, and embed them in your cloud application flow. Cloud storage is a great option for those entities who intend to be a Data-center free company.


Ease of use
Lower total cost of ownership
Quick Return on Investment
Significant actionable business insights
Early identification of problems via patterns from the dashboard
Competition Insights
End to End Implementation by us

Our Service Offerings

1. BI Consultancy

Generate the intuitive visualization of your complex data

2. Datawarehouse Development

Unleash the power of your data with a simple DW Solution

3. BI Implementation

Reinvent your business by giving you in-depth actionable insights into your data

4. Data Migration

Perform cloud-to-cloud & on-premise server-to-cloud migration

5. Dashboard Development

Simplify the development of fully managed, GUI-based Dashboards

6. Analytics Assessment

Start with the roadmap of your future analytics strategy

Stay Ahead of the Game

Best and reliable business intelligence dashboard developers Dashboards are one of the most widely used tools in any industry, and now you can take advantage of its numerous functionalities within eWAY.

Yeah, you read that correctly! Making projections, calculating commissions, and extra data analysis with real-time data are now one click away.


Understand your financial situation and discover your profit potential.


Devise a strong business plan and enhance team performance.


Make well informed and efficient decisions.

Model & Manipulate your data

Insert your sales revenue, purchase, budgets, and subscription analysis and make historical, current, and predictive views of your numbers.


Keep your data up-to-date

A no-brainer! As new data is created within your apps, the spreadsheet continuously updates itself without having to export or worry about any integration!

Work with Multiple Filtering Options

Add filters based on Date, Relations, or Text and always have up-to-date and customizable data, as different data can be quickly shown on the change of criteria. Powerful, right?!


Bring Data to Life: Graphs

Visual representations help us to understand data easier and quicker. They make large volumes of data, and sometimes complicated ones, properly represented and with authority and clarity. And, with eWAY Spreadsheet, all of that is possible with live and integrated data!

A Game Planner.

Fully integrated.








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